Good Canada aims to bring socially responsible Canadian businesses into the limelight for their contributions in making the world a better place through their selfless, socially-conscious and eco-friendly business initiatives.

We seek out small to medium sized businesses looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage while also contributing to the betterment of Canada. Once identified, we help these Canadian companies’ initiatives by bringing them into the public domain through interesting editorials focused on telling their story and explaining to Canadians, as well as the world, how these businesses are accomplishing socially and environmentally responsible goals in an increasingly competitive and profit driven market.

Our goal is not only to help these companies get the exposure they deserve, but also to provide the growing Canadian population of socially and environmentally conscious consumers a platform to seek out businesses that are making a positive difference for Canada as a whole and not only for profit.

We live in a world driven by economic growth with very little, if any, regard for the negative side effects this “growth” is creating for our citizens, our country as well as our planet. Good Canada’s initiative is to help change that by making social responsibility and eco-friendly products and services the key factors to success.