Pest Control Doesn’t Need To Be Harmful To The Environment

For a very long time, pest control has been considered to be detrimental to the surrounding environment. Pest control companies have been using pesticides and insecticides that do a fantastic job at killing the targeted pests, but unfortunately these hazardous chemicals often end up in places that they don’t belong like in our precious air, water systems and soil.

So why do these companies use chemicals that can harm our environment? The fact of the matter is that pesticides and insecticides are often the cheapest and most efficient way to kill unwanted pests. So as a business decision it makes sense to use these chemicals as it allows the company to maximize it’s profits within the limits of the law. In such a competitive world, some companies see this as a necessary evil in order to compete with other pest control operators.

Luckily, there are some socially responsible pest control companies in Canada that are taking whatever steps they can to limit their impact on the environment. One such company is Pestend Pest Control Toronto who is fully licensed by the ministry of environment and uses the most eco-friendly pest extermination methods available. Their pest control professionals are trained to only use pesticides when absolutely necessary so that they have a minimal impact on the environment.

Here are just some of the things that Pestend Pest Control Toronto is doing to minimize their impact on the environment while also maximizing their pest extermination success.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is an approach to pest control, which takes many factors into consideration in order to have the maximum effectiveness on exterminating pests from a home, business or agricultural land. One of the main factors that are taken into consideration when using an IPM approach is the responsible use of pesticides.

As a result, companies that use an IPM approach have to consider how they will exterminate the pests at hand with minimal use of harmful pesticides and insecticides. Whenever these chemicals are absolutely necessary, pest control operators must use whatever measures necessary to ensure that the they are applied carefully to the infested areas and do not contaminate the surrounding environment.

As a socially responsible company that truly cares about the environment, Pestend trains all their exterminators how to use an IPM approach in every situation.

Heat Treatment

As part of using an IPM approach, Pestend always looks at the option of using eco-friendly extermination methods to get rid of unwanted household pests. As a result, they have invested heavily in state of the art heat treatment equipment so that the majority of their jobs can be accomplished without the use of any chemicals at all.

Heat treatment is a great alternative to pesticides as it kills pests by raising temperatures in the areas they have infested to levels beyond what their bodies can withstand. This eliminates the risk of harmful chemicals leaking into surrounding water systems, air or soil.


Therefore, Good Canada has approved Pestend Pest Control Toronto as a Good Canadian company contributing to improving the health of our beautiful nation while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit. We therefore advise, that when choosing a pest control company to get rid of pests in your home, choose one like Pestend who is doing their part in keeping our environment clean.

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